• Mobility Scooters

    Mobility Scooters (4)

    We offer a range of electric mobility scooters. Transportable, Midi, Standard and Large.
  • Wheelchairs

    Wheelchairs (4)

    Assistant and Self Propelled Manual Wheelchairs and Electric Wheelchairs in Small Medium and Large sizes.
  • Bathroom Aides

    Bathroom Aides (10)

    Shower Stool, Shower Chair - Self Propelled and Assistant Attended. Commode Chair. Bath board, Toilet Frame and Toilet Seat Riser
  • Bedroom Aides

    Bedroom Aides (8)

    Electric Bed, Rota Stand, Patient Helper Pole, Air Mattress, Bed Cot Sides and Grab Rails
  • Hoists

    Hoists (5)

    Electric Hoist, Rota Stand and Patient Self-Lift Pole
  • Walking Aides

    Walking Aides (3)

    A range of Rollator, Zimmer and Walking Frames.
  • Extras and Accessories

    Extras and Accessories (2)

    Transfer Board, Seated Turner and other mobility equipment for rent
  • Bicycle Hire

    Bicycle Hire (1)

    Pre-booked rental. City Bicycle, Hybrid and Mountain Bike Hire.
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